How to Get Smooth Skin the Easy and Cheap Way

how to get smooth skin like this woman

If you are a woman who wants a lovely smooth skin, you are probably looking for the easy, cheap and naturally ways to achieve these beauty tips and tricks, right?

How to get smooth skin fast on your face is by using a good moisturizer that suits your skin type, so you provide enough moisture and clean the oils, bacteria and dirt from your face.


The Steps How to achieve a Smooth Skin

Here do you get the exact steps you need to take to get a smooth skin.

  • Protect against the sun – Remember that the sun can cause serious problems for your skin, so sun protection is necessary and also during the winter time.
  • Wash your face – You need to wash your face two times at day and stick to two times a day because too much can cause drying. Use a safe and gentle cleanser for the purpose and according to your particular skin type.
  • Moisturizer – A proper moisturizer is something you need to use on your face and body.
  • Natural ingredients – Natural remedies like aloe, oatmeal, lemon, honey and cucumbers can help on a smooth face by making pastes from them.
  • Healthy diet – Your diet have influence on your skin so remember to get the necessary fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water for both your health and skin.


How to Get Smooth Skin Naturally

If you don’t like the skin care products that you can find on the market or find them too expensive, there are an alternative by using natural ingredients.

Tea tree oil

For stretch mark and scars, some people say that tea tree oil can help on removing these problems. You apply the tea tree oil directly on the pimple or affected area but make sure you are not allergic to the natural ingredients before using it though.


Papaya is known for being antibacterial and wounds healing because of the natural enzyme called papain. You can make a facemask by masking a few pieces and apply it.


Honey is an excellent natural ingredient for smooth skin and just like most others; you can make a great natural facemask that can make your skin smooth and soft.


Fenugreek seeds are great for anti-inflammatory and also know to possess healing powers. You can make a face mask by mixing fenugreek leaves and boiled milk that can help on wrinkles and lines. Fenugreek leaves in boiled water can help clearing blackheads and heal pimples.


Not many might know this, but fresh tomato is great for treating pimples, and it is a great skin toner. Mash some tomato and apply on your skin that can give a lovely glowing skin.


Cucumber is well known for having the same pH as skin so it is one of the most used natural products to get a smooth skin. To make a facemask you need to mix it with milk and oats and apply it onto your face for 20 minutes.

Lemon juice

The citrus fruit contains cleansing enzymes that can help on smooth skin by remove dead skin cells. Citrus is superb if you have oily skin and you can heat up and mix egg whites and lemon juice and apply it on your skin when it have cooled down.


Turmeric has antiseptic properties, and this herb can help different kind of skin problems. You make a face mask by mixing milk and the turmeric powder.


Everybody needs enough water for a healthy body and also for a glowing and smooth skin. Your body is made out of water so it is quite logical that it need to be refilled to flush out waste and toxins.

Smooth Skin by Exfoliate

Some people like to use exfoliation and some don’t but the basic fact is that it can help making your face looking dewier and younger. The reason for this is that during your sleep if you exfoliate your face twice a week, you will increase the production of new healthy skin cells after removal of the dead skin cells.

There are a few different ways how you can exfoliate:

  • A Scrub
  • A Brush
  • Exfoliation Cleanser

No matter which of the three you use, always remember to use facial moisturizer including sunscreen or use sun protection before using any makeup.

A good product to use is the Olay Pore Mimizing Cleanser & Scrub

Best Tips How to Prevent Acne Naturally and Without

Best Tips How to Prevent Acne Naturally and Without

Do you suffer from acne breakouts? The excellent news is there are ways how to prevent acne naturally now and in the future without it cost anything and achieve the right way how you get smooth skin. Because of modifications you getting made to your daily regimen, acne breakouts often happen. Maybe you have actually begun utilizing a various laundry detergent, hair shampoo, face cream or soap. These are commonly the biggest offenders of an acne breakout. If you want to keep your skin clear and glowing, prevent pimples, breakouts, blackheads by following these ideas.   Choose Acne-Friendly Makeup If you’re susceptible to breakouts, look for products that state “non-comedogenic” on the label. Blocked pores are one of the leading causes of breakouts and changing here could be an easy fix how to cure acne for your particular problem.   Go Easy on the Makeup This could be hard for some ladies (particularly those in high school) however brightening on the makeup will probably assist manage your breakouts. Not only are the components in a lot of makeup products bad for your skin but applying makeup indicates touching your face, which can cause a breakout. If you have to put on makeup, try including a dab of liquid foundation to an all-natural moisturizer which will assist hydrate the skin instead of drying it out.   Moisturize can help prevent Acne If you have actually counted on acne breakouts products to control your outbreaks, the value of moisturizing ends up being a crucial component in keeping your breakouts at bay. The majority of acne items consist of components that dry... read more