The Best Makeup Tips and Tricks

apply the correct makeup for the best look

All women want to know what shades that accentuate one’s eyes, what color that suit one’s skin and of course what lipstick that emphasize one’s lips just like all other beauty tips and tricks. These makeup tips are what you can find everything about here no matter if you want the tricks for both the casual and formal occasion.


Start out with these Important Tips

One of the most important if not the most important thing about makeup is the technique. Use these tips so you know how to use everything from foundation to mascara.

  • Lipstick– An important thing about lipstick is making sure that the top of your lip is not too much defined and you make it goes all the out.
  • Mascara – Avoid using soft and fast motions when applying your mascara but rather jam the wand into the root of the lash.
  • Eyebrow – You can achieve a lift of your face by applying your powder or pencil to the upper portion of the eyebrows.
  • Eyeliner – For applying it the best way, you need to get as close as you can to the mirror, and bring your chin up to the mirror instead of looking straight ahead. Start at the inner corner and get all the way to the outside of your eye.
  • Blush – Applying blush should be done by smiling at first and then start out from the center of the cheek and blend back towards the ear and from there you blush to your jawline.
  • Concealer – You avoid that your eye makeup crease but avoiding putting foundation or concealer on your eyelids as base.
  • Foundation – Use a brush for getting a medium or full polished coverage and for a sheer coverage you should only use your finger.
  • Bronzer – The bronzer should be used to even out the tone of your skin by putting it on your chest, neck and face.
  • Powder – The powder should only be applied with a light dusting where you are shiniest and then go from there.

These basic tips are the essential tips that also the celebrities uses which you can read a lot more about in the following, like the following links have a lot of great tips and ressources to get the perfect look.

Helpful Sites

In the tab to the right you find a lot of great authority and pinterest sites with great ressources to makeup tricks and tips. If your looking for additional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials the collection of sites are the one’s you should check out.

The Celebrity Secrets

The famous movie or television stars always looks great no matter what age they have, and one could think those people are just born with some remarkable genes, right? Well, most of them are probably not born some with some master gene that the rest of us don’t possess; it is more likely down to the makeup, hair and other stylist people that have the right technique and experience in beauty and makeup.

These techniques doesn’t have to cost a fortune or being impossible to copy, because the celebrities have the same concerns and skin problems just like anybody else, so we can apply all that they do ourselves.


Beginner Tips & Tricks for Eyes

Watch this great video with some very great tips a beginner need to know about eye makeup.


Eye Makeup Tricks

The secrets for eye makeup are quite simple tips which you can start using the very minute:

How to “hide” dark circles and puffy eyes – The secret to get rid of puffy eyes and the dark circles is not to cover the dark circles but you should let the light reflect upwards, by applying the concealer on top of your cheeks and not right under your eyes which will give a much better effect and will make you actually hide the dark circles the right way.

How You Keep the makeup in place – We all knows the problems with keep the makeup in place can be a tough task but there is one simple secret which is primer. Primer will give you the lasting smoky eyes and especially if you are short of time, you should go for using tinted primers.


Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

The point of using makeup is to enhance your natural blue eyes and to do this you should follow some simple steps that will give you a great look.

  • You should pick the right eye shadow in terracotta, rose, brown and neutral shades for the daytime at school, college, university or work.
  • To get a smoky look in the evening at a night out or else, you should use dark blue mascara combined with charcoal eyeliner.
  • To optimize your blue eyes you must tone down your lips, and the best way to do this is by using a matte lipstick.

Check out this great video with 5 makeup looks that can make your blue eyes pop.


Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Compared to the blue eyes, the brown eyes is probably one of the most common eye colors in versatility. Brown eyes can use almost all kind of color and look good, but there are still techniques for accentuate the color in the eyes.

You must first consider what colors looks best with your brown eyes, and the best color is probably purple. The reason for this is that it works for most skin tones and hair styles. If you want a natural look you should go for the light brown shadow.

The important thing to make your brown eyes stand out is focus on your cheeks and lips instead of the actually eyes. Don’t use anything that overpowers the color of your eyes because it will draw the attention away from your eyes, so pick lighter color on these areas.


The Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

You need to watch this video which will show you the worst mistakes to avoid and you also get presented with 13 tips for a flawless look, and there are so many great tips in the video which we are sure you agree upon, so go and watch it right away.

Some Great Makeup Tips You Should Start Using This Minute

Besides all the necessary and more specific tips for your eyes, there are a lot of other great tips to use for the perfect makeup. These tips are most likely some you don’t often use or even know about, but that’s about to change right now, because you will for sure start using these tips when you’re going for a great sexy look or the perfect natural look.

use the best makeup tips for perfect look

Face Type Blush

The blush that will look great is best-achieved by determining the shape of your face. Blush will help define your cheekbones and therefore are the way you apply the blush will determine your best features.

Create your own Illusion

If you want to create your own illusion you simply need to consider the placement of your liners and eye shadow. You can create the illusion of wider, deeper, closer set and everything else simply by determining your eye shapes and accentuates them after this.

Cat Eye by Scotch Tape

If you want to achieve cat eye look you should use scotch tape to apply shadows and eyeliner and you will also achieve a balanced look by doing so.


If you want a natural eye makeup you need to consider the placement of highlights. The lighter colors such as pearls, creams and of course white should be applied first and then go onto using the darker colors. You start applying them in the inner corners, middle of your eyes and under your brown bone.

Clumpy Mascara

All mascaras dries out and create those annoying clumps which will just get worse when you start to pump it even more, because that way you actually pump air into the tube. Instead you should add a drop of Visine or other eye drops into the tube and rub it. This will soften your mascara and get rid of the clumps.

Bigger Eyes

If you want bigger eyes you should use a white pencil instead of dark eyeliner and by doing so you create the illusion of your eyes appear much bigger.

Use a Plastic Spoon

You can accomplish a thicker coat but start using a plastic spoon to apply mascara on your bottom lashes, you just need to remember to avoid getting any on the skin below your eyes.

How to do Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

How to do Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

How to do eye makeup tips and tricks is what you find right here. It truly only takes 8 steps to stunning eye makeup. Preparation your eyes with concealer Concealer can be used to cover up under-eye circles or just the bluish discoloration just under your inner eye. To cover dark undereye circles, use three dots of concealer under each eye. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil and the 3rd on the outer edge. Pat, never ever rub with your ring finger until the concealer disappears. Apply eyeshadow primer to your cover Eyeshadow guide is the trick to keeping your shadow in place for hours. If your eyeshadow ends up a greasy swimming pool in your crease, you ought to invest in a great eyeshadow guide. Eye base will keep shadow in location through exercises, downpours and even a night’s sleep. Follow with eyeliner You can utilize liquid liners or an eye pencil, but I choose to use dark eyeshadows as eye liners. Follow with liner on bottom eyes, but just line from the middle of the eye out. For a smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along the upper lid and below the cover. Apply eyeshadow It’s terrific to build and make use of a three-toned shadow from covers to brow. Allowing them to mix into each other like a rainbow is gorgeous, according to celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. Begin with a light color that almost matches your cover. Sweep the color across the cover and up to your browbone. Follow with a...