Natural Skin Treatments You Should Use

Use the healthy skin treatment

You know to the problem of wanting to achieve a perfect look, younger looking or simply just have a healthy skin but finding the right solution can sometimes be a pain in the … right? Well, here at skinsecretsblog we will try to give you the best solution to a skin treatment for women looking for solutions to these problems.


Healthy Tips for Skin Care Problems

One of the best treatments for your skin is taking care of your skin in the first place. There are some healthy skins things you should do to protect your skin, and these are what you find right here:

  • Stress can cause acne and make your skin sensitive besides it can be very unhealthy for your body, you should take care on any stress and anxiety problems.
  • Stop smoking because besides it is awful for your overall health, smoking will make your skin look older and give you wrinkles. It is not easy to quit the cigarette’s but do yourself, your health and your skin the favor to start considering taking the step of quitting sooner rather than later.
  • Protection against the sun is essential! We all know or should know that the sun can be a danger to one’s skin. Remember to use sunscreen when you’re outside especially if you’re at the beach or like. Another thing besides sunscreen is seeking protection against the sun when then sun’s rays are at the strongest.
  • Daily shaving, cleansing and others can be tough for your skin. To avoid damaging your skin with the daily tasks you should consider limiting your bath time and use of oils. After the bath instead of roughly drying yourself try to pat gently so moistures remains on your skin, and remember daily moisturizer that actually fits your skin.
  • Your diet has an impact on your skin also so if you have an unhealthy diet start changing it, so you get your daily vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbs, minerals and vitamins your body needs every day.

These things are all some you should change to avoid getting skin problems, but you also need to start working on healthy natural treatments which all are habits you need to change at home.


Natural Skin Treatment

Natural skin treatment is something you can do at home and sometimes you need to do these things every day.

  • Dry Brush Exfoliation – For allowing your skin to detox, you need to eliminate the dead skin cells by using a dry brush exfoliation. Besides taking care of the dead skin cells, it can also help you decrease puffiness and improves your blood circulation. You need to use a soft, natural bristle brush to give yourself a dry brush exfoliation.
  • Your Digestion – Some people say that a good skin is also a reflection of having a good digestion system, which is based on the fact that some people who suffer from rosacea, psoriasis and acne also suffer from digestive conditions. The natural treatment to handle constipation includes a diet change, so you get enough fibers in your daily intake. Add fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits, beans and seeds which all can improve your fiber intake to the better.
  • Sugar is Bad for Your Skin – Not many people know that the sugar have an impact on your skin. If you have a high intake of sugar each day, you will create a premature aging of your skin.
  • You Need Fats in Your Diet – Your body need the essential fats to function properly, for your weight but is also needed for a healthy skin. People who suffer for eczema, acne and dry skin need to get the essential fats which you can find in nuts, oils, fish and supplements.
  • Move and Exercise – Most of us in the western world don’t move or exercise enough, and this have a bad effect on your skin also. Not moving around enough can have can cause acne, cellulite, puffiness, bloating and of course have an impact on your weight and body shape.


younger looking skin can be achieved


Younger Looking Skin

Besides using the healthy and natural products, routines and habit changes to get a healthy skin you might need a few more things for a younger looking skin.


Clear Away the Dirt and Bacteria

Your skin needs to be clean for makeup, dirt and bacteria, and the best time of the day is before you go to bed. Use a gentle face wash, so your skin feels pleasantly tight.

Use Skin-Repairing Ingredients in your Moisturizer

Moisturizers help on dryness and for that reason you should know which moisturizer to pick. Humectants – They are good for oily skin and include sorbitol, glycerin, urea or propylene glycol. Occlusive – They will prevent water from evaporating and beeswax; lanolin and petroleum jelly are good examples. Barrier-Repair – Include linoleic acid, ceramide and monolaurate will help repair your skins barrier.

The Season Decide Your Moisturizer

Just like you wear warm cloth at winter and light cloth at summer, you need to make the same switch with your moisturizers. Use a light moisturizer at summer and a thick moisturizer at winter.

Use Retinoid anti-ager

If you as you should use a moisturizer, go for a retinoid such as Renova. Research has proven that these vitamins-A derivatives can help speed up the cell turnover, collagen growth and reduce breakouts.

We recommend these two products:


How You Stop Oily Skin

Watch this video about how you can stop oily skin the best way.

Exactly what’s Progesterone?

Exactly what’s Progesterone?

Exactly what’s Progesterone? Beside oestrogen, progesterone is the other most popular female sex hormone. It is produced in the ovaries and in lesser amounts in the adrenal glands. Progesterone has a variety of important tasks consisting of stabilizing blood sugar level levels, assisting in thyroid hormone, regulating the menstrual cycle, allowing a woman to have a healthy pregnancy, in addition to being a natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It also enhances the favorable results of estrogen, while preventing the state called estrogen supremacy. Your hormones never work alone; they always work in ratios. Commonly when a hormone goes out of whack, it triggers symptoms (like acne) because it is out of ratio with its partner hormones. When it come to progesterone, it’s essential that it is in the ideal quantity in relation to oestrogen. Having low progesterone in relation to estrogen can lead to acne by method of enhancing insulin which can lead to excess androgens, along with magnify testosterone and DHT conversion in the skin. DHT is a potent acne causing kind of testosterone that other types of testosterone get converted into in the skin through an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Having a typical progesterone level in relation to oestrogen can avoid 5-alpha-reductase from transforming testosterone to DHT, which will, in turn, avoid acne. Progesterone that runs out sync with oestrogen is typically the hormonal cause behind the dreaded pre-menstrual breakout that many of you are so knowledgeable about. When they go off hormonal birth control, it likewise usually plays a function in the acne that individuals occasionally get.   Signs of Low Progesterone Signs of estrogen dominance (and... read more
Can Antioxidants Improve Skin Care?

Can Antioxidants Improve Skin Care?

For many issues related to teenagers, trends rule the roost. And skin care issues are highest among teenagers. Today any medium, be it publications, newspapers, television or the Web are swamped with skin care related posts. These articles could consist of numerous skin treatments and homemade options for skin care. Varying from the natural to those which involve chemicals, these articles supply the reader with the much-needed solutions to their skin related issues. These days, the most up to the date fad in skin care routines is natural antioxidant skin care. The belief that is being promoted nowadays is that the most natural the item being made use of the more devoid and efficient of side impacts it will be. This concept has a strong historical background given that it is a well-known fact that queens and princesses of the ages gone by second hand natural extracts of plants like hibiscus and olive to keep their skin youthful and glowing. With time, man has processed these aspects and made them readily available to the usual man in the kind of cans, tubes and bottles consisting of moisturizers, creams, hair shampoos and anti-aging gels. These consist of the richness of the plentiful health keys concealed in the flora and fauna of the jungles. The only distinction is that they are most likely to have been processed in a research lab and tested before existing to you for use. These distilled components made use of to a healthy body are being called nutraceuticals at huge. This brand-new addition to the dictionary is comprised of the words ‘nutrients’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. A lot... read more